Quotes From Those Who Have Gone Through The Study

“The REAL Men study has been a blessing.  People around me have noticed a difference.  My wife has noticed as well.”

“It’s helped me to see the importance of practicing what the lessons taught in order to be a better follower of Jesus & a better person, father, and husband.”

“The lessons on Radical Integrity & Authentic Brotherhood were very impactful.  They brought some areas of weakness into focus & encouraged me to move in new directions.”

“It taught me how to obey God more, and walk with Him – I will keep on following my Lord, and obey.”

“All the lessons were great.  They made me open my eyes and heart to what God wants in my life.”

“I have really enjoyed this series.  I can’t pinpoint one lesson over another but I know it’s helped me better define who I am, and the areas that I need to work/pray about.”

“The study on anger really stands out, as that is one of my biggest struggles.  Learning ways to manage it through God & prayer was very enlightening.”

“I cannot say that one particular lesson impacted me most, all of them helped me to grow, to be a better man of God, a better husband & father.”

“Recognizing my wife’s needs was most beneficial for me.  I showed the list to my wife and was not necessarily surprised by what she checked, but it did make me more aware of her needs.”

“Great impact!  Every session was very thoughtful and impactful in my life.  The lessons on Effective Family Leadership and Authentic Brotherhood struck strong cords inside me.  The results of these two lessons have pushed me to be a better husband, father, & friend.  These lessons helped me recognize the immense role that I play in leading my family to God.”